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With a beautiful pool in the courtyard, you don’t need to go anywhere to rejuvenate yourself. However, the most important question is raised: “How Much Time Needed To Build A Pool In Phoenix?” This is for individuals who are thinking about adding it to their property. Building a pool takes around three months, depending on the pool size. Many other factors influence the construction of the pool.

The thought of having a refreshing oasis in your backyard is undoubtedly exciting. Since 70% of our body is water, being in the water instantly calms and positively affects the mind. This blog will explore the time required to build a pool in Phoenix and shed light on the various factors influencing the construction timeline.

Understand The Timeline Of Building A Pool 

Building a pool is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and execution. The pool construction timeline in Phoenix can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the pool, local regulations, weather conditions, and the availability of materials and labor. Here’s a breakdown of the typical timeline for building a pool in Phoenix:

Design Phase

This phase involves working with a pool designer to create a customized pool plan. This meets your preferences and fits your property. Designing a pool may take 2-4 weeks since many technical aspects are involved.


Before beginning construction, you must obtain the necessary permits from the local authorities. This process involves submitting detailed layouts, including design, and ensuring compliance with building codes. All legal permits may take around one month to obtain.

Build A Pool In Phoenix

Once you obtain permission, excavation begins. This involves digging the hole for the pool according to the design specifications. Along with it, you have to settle the all-digged soil. Depending on the pool size, these two may take 2-3 days.


This is the major phase of the pool installation since various duties are performed together. This includes installing the pool shell, plumbing, electrical components, and additional features like waterfalls or lighting. Completing this phase takes around one month.

Finishing Touches

Once the Phoenix pool building process is completed, finishing touches are added to enhance the pool’s aesthetics and functionality. These include tiling, decking, and landscaping, which can take around two weeks to complete.

Testing & Inspection

After the pool is finished, it’s filled with water, and the systems are tested to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Final inspections ensure compliance with building codes and safety standards before you can enjoy your new pool. Testing and the final inspection take around two weeks. Repairing small errors, like minor licking, takes one week more.

Here, the time needed to build a pool in Phoenix is approximately three months.

Factors Influencing The Timeline Of Pool Installatio

Timeline Of Building A Pool

As we discussed above, various factors affect the time frame for pool installation, including weather conditions, labor availability, and many more. Several factors can influence the Time Required To Build A Pool In Phoenix:

Weather Conditions

Phoenix experiences extreme heat and occasional rainstorms, which can impact construction timelines. These weather conditions may necessitate construction schedule adjustments to ensure workers’ optimal progress and safety.

Material Availability

Shortages or delays in obtaining materials can significantly prolong the construction process. To avoid unnecessary delays in the time needed to build a pool in Phoenix, it’s crucial to ensure that all necessary materials arrive on time as per the contractor’s requirements.

Labor Availability

The availability of skilled laborers also influences the pace of pool construction. A shortage of qualified workers can lead to delays in completing various tasks, emphasizing the importance of securing a reliable and experienced workforce for timely project completion.

Design Complexity

Complex designs or customized features often necessitate extra time for meticulous planning and construction. From intricate tile work to unique water features, these customizations add a layer of complexity that extends the overall construction timeline.

Permitting Process

Build A Pool

Obtaining the necessary permits is a crucial step in the pool construction process. Delays in securing permits from local authorities can stall the start of construction, impacting the overall Timeline for completing the project.

The Bottom Line

The time needed to build a pool in Phoenix can vary depending on several factors. Knowing how long it usually takes to build a pool and considering what can make it take longer can help you plan your pool project better. If you’re excited to make your backyard awesome with a pool, make sure you get help from good experts who can make everything go smoothly.

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